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Name Acronym Photo by Wishafriend
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What Kind Of Pony Are You?
What Kind Of Pony Are You?
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What Eevee Evolution Are You?
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Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
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Wanted to clear things up with this Couple & why they fell in love with each other. since some people aren't getting why.

Nazi Jew Love by QueenDanny
Chilla in Love- Why Chilla  fell in love for Prince Cain.?

With 3 different expression of love toward one Girl.  Chilla is intrigued by the fearless & head strong Military leader & Nazi Sympathizer Prince Cain. whom shared borderline Neo nazi views.

Joseph rival Jewish Boy Chillas Ex Boyfriend

Joseph only loved Chilla for her Beauty, & only wanted her as a possession he could Lord. Joseph didn't give two hoots about Chilla's feelings or happiness & was selfish with his feelings for her that became obsessive & Lustful. his Lust soon drives him to insanity after he becomes a vampire. & is obsessed with doing every which way he can to Manipulate Chillas dad into making Chilla marry him.  Joseph idolized & admired Chilla's beauty & Body & didn't love her for who she was. instead loved her only for her good looks & beauty. & fantasized about raping her. & grows increasingly jealous of her beauty & of Prince Cain whom Chilla starts spending more time with then him.

Mohammad. Josephs cousin

Mo- Mohammad Saw Chilla's kindness & compassion as real & true expressions of love . but from Chilla's perspective it was only Friendship. Chilla was so kind & friendly toward him that he took it as true love. when it was really friendship

& he  really thought that she loved him back.  & finally built up the courage to tell her how he felt. Mo was great friends with Chilla & was disgusted with how his cousin Joseph was treating her while they were dating. Mo was kind & respective to Chilla & came off as a true gentlemen but mo never really understood her deeper feelings & how she saw things. mo loved her for her kind heart & open minded nature not for who she was as a person. Chilla had no friends aside from him , Joseph & Fern. while mo had alot of friends as he was not a social outcast like Chilla was & did not understand that side of Chilla.

And Chilla  didn't know  mo liked her
until  Mo went to confess his feelings for her with a bundle  of flowers. he had over herd Her talking to Cain & Cain talking to her. & saw the way she looked at him.  He saw them kissing & it broke his heart & he went back home crying
 Chilla later tells Mo that she was always & will always be a special friend to him

Prince Cain. Why Chilla fell in Love with Cain the Nazi Sympathizer.

Chilla fell in love with Cain first before Cain returned these feelings Chilla idolizes and admires Cain when she quickly discovers that they are connected by the desire for something more in their lives,& there not belonging in the world and her feelings for him intensify. as did Cain's feelings for her. as Chilla got older & discovered these feelings for the prince she built up the courage to tell him.  

Both cain & Chilla were social outcast , only have a few friends, & felt like they didn't belong in the world. they both felt alone , they both felt trapped & un noticed.

Cain, was the 2nd in command ruler of the Kingdom while his older brother Damien
( Cain's older brother)  was the main ruling monarch of the land. Damien  got all the fame , glory & attention,  he was idolized & admired. by his younger sibilings Ivan & Daffodil & by the subjects whom always seemed to ignore him & favor Damien. this always made Cain feel out of place unappreciated & a trifle Jealous & of course angry. He wasn't even allowed to declare war without Damien's approval & in some cases felt unwanted.  since his job was to police the lands border security & to manage the Military. Damiens job was to main tain the peace. 

Cain feels trapped living in his brothers shadow.
while Chilla feels trapped living under her  over protective fathers strict laws & order who doesn't want what happen to him as a kid.  happen to his daughter. Both Chilla & Cain want to seek there own destinies

Every December on there Birthdays Damien & Cain.  Cain feels left out while everyone spoils & praises Damien. thes Cain having a very personal hatred for December. 

Both Cain & Chilla hate December due to the repetitive traditions the same thing every year nothing different this bores Chilla & Cain. though during Hanukkah &  his brothers Birthday. Cain was greatly surprised when Chilla would come to the castle just to see him every December instead of Damien.

Cain has no close  sibiling relationships with his brothers or sisters & usually just goes his own way thes Cain is very street smart. & is a Lonely Child.  

Chilla how ever is an Only child has no relationships with her sibilings because she doesn't have a brother or sister to talk to or play with. Chilla was her parents only child they were both middle aged when they had her.  

Prince Cain is rich & helps his brother rule a kingdom.  though he has  jewels & riches Cain has very little & does not display spoiled behavior as Joseph has done. infact Cain would give it all up if he could.

from the Opposite tracks Chilla is very poor & has very little. Both know what its like to have very little & so they both don't display any traits of selfish or Pompous behavior

Joseph only loved Chilla for her Beauty
Mo loved Chilla for her Kindness.

Cain didn't just love Chilla for her Kindness or her beauty . Cain loved Chilla for who she was  because he connected with her deeper feelings. he knew how she felt . & she knew how he felt to be Alone to not belong. which is what Chilla wanted was for somebody to see her for who she was & not just her kindness & beauty.

she wanted somebody who felt the same things she was feeling. who understood her deeper feelings. who understood what it was like to be different.& not belong in the world.

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