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Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
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My Mom & I had a heated  Argument with my step dad  over the Violence in Missouri. my step dad thinks that the  African Americans  killing whites in Missouri was a Justified protest.

while me & mom yelled at him for beleiving this becaus. there doing it out of racisum after they let that police officer go theres nothing Justified out of Violence There's no justification for that at all. 

 my step dad was trying to argue  that it was justified that the black people in Missouri Burned an elderly couple out of there home out of protest against the Police officer & thse people didn't even know the police officer  . they came in on Buses from other states just to commit Mass Murder of white people  . even killing some ones kid & burning an Old couple out of there home.

My Moms words were " I  can't agree with that Phillip because theres no Justification for Killing innocent people   & burning  there Jobs & Businesses burning people out of there home . thats not Protest thats mass Murder. They did it out of Racism Phillip"  

& she yelled these words

Just because Wilson is getting off without a lot of judgement, doesn't mean that it's every white person's fault.  They're making racism WORSE by what they're doing, because now all the hardcore racists are using it as proof of their hate speeches.    While the blacks attacking whites are being racist themselves.  What happened to peaceful protesting? petitioning to the white house and other places to give the cop the justice that needs to be met?   You're attacking more innocents in supposed justice for another, but it's not justice at all...they're such hypocrites

Sadily I have to agree with my Mom & she is a very open minded Democrat but when Violence is being used as a form of protesting Killing kids & burning down Old peoples homes then there is a serious problem. they did it out of racism  Not Protest.

the trouble with my step dad is he thinks that people can't be racists toward white people. that it only exists toward african Americans or others.
I really hope they put these people in jail for hate crime

 equality means EQUAL.  We need to be equal, but a lot of people seem to be demanding special treatment, not equality.
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