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What Kind Of Pony Are You?
What Kind Of Pony Are You?
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What Eevee Evolution Are You?
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Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
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your Not my Mom & i really really can't wait for you to go home. you are a racists Facists little Bitch who think that people should do what you want them to do. & not let them do what they want to do. you are extremly closed minded & no different then the other insane assholes of my family tree..

more concenred with if i was now dating a white man.

My BF is white grandma , hes white. You are nothing more then an embarassment really. No wonder mom ran away from you more times then once when she was a kid.  Hell i would too. It was enough trying to put up with my Dads stupid ass

Me & Mom always been abused by you & other Insane right wingers & nazis in our family because we're different. my father being the worse he thought that he was the most perfect  & deny the facts that my Heditary disability came from His side of the gene pool & always said it came fro Moms side because she had Jewish ancestry.

 my dad was borderlaine Neo Nazi & my mom was the one with Jewish ancestry. My dad would try to kill her I had to be the one to Save her everytime dad tried to hurt her. even went as far as to trying to kill mom with a gun when i was 6 years old. & got his ass Banned from the state of Florida.

I don't talk about my dad much because there is nothing Positive to say about that man. sure he was nice to me when mom was around but when my mom wasn't around  oh boy. it why I stay around Patrick mostly growing up cause of him. I didn't like him

 I was abused  by him  i was neglected by him because i was disabled. because I wasn't perfect.  but I was loved by my mom spending a majority of my life in that research facility that tramamtized me.  me & Mom didn't see much of dad. it was just me & her. You are no better then my dad granny . & its hard for me to keep a peace of mind when your always on my ass over stupid shit

I will not be a woman slave & work in the kitchen for a man. a man can cook his own damn food im not cooking for no man or kids if i adopt some one day. they will cook there own food.  My responsible Chores are my bedroom my Dog & my feeding tube. Im not washing other peoples dishes . if you want to wash them you do them you sweep the floor you clean the house if you want it done so badily.

Im not washing or fixing food Im not gonna eat. My food comes in liquid from a can & I eat with a tube that connects to my stomach. thats my only dish I was told to wash. & my MLP cups.

I can't wait till you go home & leave me alone. you've embarassed me. beliddled me & drove me fucking crazy. all week no wonder mom ran away from you when she was a kid I would have too.
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